Homes for Sale

Six Lakes does not have an onsite real estate office. Homes are sold by owner and in the multiple listings of local and national real estate companies. All transfers of ownership must be approved by the Board of Directors, and include a criminal background check. The Share Certificate and Leasehold Agreement are recorded with the Lee County Clerk of Courts. Six Lakes encourages the use of a Licensed Florida Realtor and Title company. The office cannot provide legal or real estate advice. 

Recent home prices range from $125,000 to $300,000 and include the ownership share certificate. Many homes are sold furnished, and sometimes include a golf cart. Once you own your home at Six Lakes, these are routine expenses you should plan on paying: your quarterly assessments, your monthly water/sewer bill, purchases you've made at the pro shop or Sand Wedge shop, your electric bill, telephone bill, and any upgraded cable services you might obtain from the cable company. Lawn maintenance can be done by the homeowner or contracted out with several small businesses offering this service. 

For additional information, prospective buyers should contact a realtor or the homeowner.  The office cannot respond to rental or purchase questions.  You must contact a licensed realtor.